• Why do people take their dogs to the dog park?

Dog parks allow dogs to exercise & socialize safely. Well-exercised dogs are less likely to engage in nuisance behaviors such as constant barking. Well-socialized dogs react well to new situations and people. Dog parks are also a great outlet for owners to socialize & exercise with their dogs.

  • What do dogs do at the dog park?

Many dogs enjoy running & wrestling with other dogs. Some favor games of fetch or following their noses in the large open areas. Others prefer the affection & attention they get from other owners. And some just appreciate relaxing in the sun, watching the other dogs play.

  • Can any dog go to the dog park?

All fully immunized, non-aggressive dogs are welcome at the dog parks. Puppies under 4 months of age & female dogs in heat are prohibited.

  • Do I need to take anything to the dog park?

Only yourself, your dog, & your leash (to get from your car to the park entrance)! You may wish to bring a chair, as well as water for your dog (not all dog parks currently have water available). You should also bring your own poop bags, just in case the dispenser is empty. You are required to pick up your dog’s waste! Please do not bring food into the dog parks (dog or human)!

  • Who runs these dog parks?

Lexington-Fayette County’s dog parks were created through a partnership of the non-profit organization Friends of the Dog Park, Inc. & the LFUCG Parks & Recreation Department. All monies donated to Friends of the Dog Park go toward fencing & amenities in the dog parks, while maintenance & land is supplied by LFUCG Parks & Recreation.

  • Who do I contact if I have a problem at the dog park?

If you are having an immediate problem with a dog or owner, please call Animal Control or the police. For all other concerns or questions, contact Friends of the Dog Park through email: info@friendsofthedogpark.org


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