Jacobson Dog Park

Jacobson Dog Park is located just off Richmond Road within Jacobson Park.

This park is a single 3 acre chain-link enclosure with a water hydrant available.

There are benches installed & a tree line along one side for shade.

LFUCG Parks & Recreation is currently working with us on a re-design of Jacobson Dog Park. This re-design will increase the acreage of the dog park, divide it into 2 paddocks, & upgrade the fencing to the horse-farm style found in our other dog parks. More parking will also be available.


This was Lexington’s first dog park.

In November 2002, Jacobson Dog Park was expanded from 0.9 acres to 3 acres. The new area now includes a tree line providing plenty of shade for those hot summer afternoons.

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Directions to Jacobson Dog Park (4001 Athens-Boonesboro Rd.):

From I-75:

Take Exit 108 (Man O War Blvd). Turn right onto Man O War Blvd.

Continue on Man O War for a couple of miles until you reach Richmond Rd.

Turn left onto Richmond Rd.

Continue on Richmond Rd. You’ll go through 2 stop lights before you see the lake on your left. This is Jacobson Park.

The entrance to Jacobson Park will be at the 3rd stoplight. Turn left through the gates & into the park.

At the first stop sign inside the park, turn right. Continue on this road as it winds around toward the back of the park. The dog park is at the very back of Jacobson Park. You’ll see dog crossing signs. It’s on the hill, with entrances at both the top & bottom (but all the parking is at the bottom).


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